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How to become a freelance HGV driver

17/10/18 | Advice & Guidance, Drivers, Self Employed

The Road to Becoming a Freelance HGV Driver

Lots of people say that being self-employed comes with a whole host of risks that you just don’t have to deal with when you’re on the payroll of someone else’s business: less job security, more admin responsibilities and the late nights spent dealing with spreadsheets – trying to make sense of the HMRC’s rules and regulations.

We both know that the driving industry is facing a skills shortage (we even wrote an article about it here). When you factor this in to the self-employed maths that people so often talk about, you can subtract the job security issues straight away.


Why Self-Employed?

Why do so many drivers want to be self-employed? Well it’s a question with an easy answer: they get to do what they want more often, have fewer rules, a sense of freedom that suits those people who have never felt quite right working for somebody else and usually a bigger pay packet at the end of each month.


How Do I Get Started?

There are different roads to take to become self-employed. If you choose the route to becoming a limited company you can expect to find yourself dealing with some admin when you first start (quite a bit) and on an on-going basis (quite a bit more):

You’ll need to register your company with Companies House, keep your accounts up to date, consider registering for VAT, complete your tax returns, make sure you calculate the best way to draw your money out of the company among many other tasks.


Save Yourself a Headache

Or you could save yourself a massive headache and let us do that all for you, giving you all of the benefits of working as a limited company – with none of the drawbacks. We’ve got packages starting from £10 a week (less than 3 Starbucks Coffees), click here to see how we can turbocharge your company now.



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