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Is becoming a HGV driver a good job?

20/09/18 | Advice & Guidance, Drivers, Self Employed

Like any job there’s a lot of misunderstanding and a great deal of misconceptions about what actually goes into being an HGV driver. All of the hard work it takes job everyday is often misunderstood. Let’s bust a few myths here and now.


Myth: You don’t get paid much as an HGV driver

According to TotalJobs the average HGV driver salary is £31,700 in the UK. That’s more than the average salary in the UK, which is £27,000. So while it might not seem you’re getting paid enough and your hard work isn’t rewarded – but it’s more than the average salary.


Myth: It’s an unimportant job

Make no mistake, being an HGV driver is a challenging and incredibly important role. Without HGV drivers goods would go undelivered. That might sound trivial but consider that it would ultimately mean the collapse of many businesses, a lack of food in shops and vital medicines and drugs not being delivered. Not a pretty picture.


Myth: HGV drivers cause a lot of accidents

It seems that some people can’t stand HGV drivers and how they take up so much space on the road, while moving at (what the impatient think) a snail’s pace. This is untrue and unfortunately for all of the road-ragers out there, we’ve got stats to back it up. They’re involved in far fewer accidents than their four wheeled friends. Though if they are involved in accident it’s more likely to be fatal.

A job like no other, being an HGV driver has many challenges, stresses and plays a huge and vital role in the economy. Without our drivers we would be in a world without many of the comforts we love and get to enjoy every day.


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