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Could Brexit have an impact on drivers?

01/02/18 | Government

As we have known for many months now, Britain is currently going through the tortuous task of separating from the EU, to begin building a more independent future. Many people, including drivers are now considering how this many have an impact.

Two common questions we are hearing regularly from drivers on the build up to leaving the EU are:

  1. Will the Working Time Directive still be enforced?
  2. Will the newly introduced compulsory CPC be scrapped?

According to experts it has been predicted that severance from the EU will likely take up to 2 years, at a very minimum. Although it is expected to take much longer with Britain being bound by treaties with the EU. The likeliness is that both questions can be answered with a ‘no’.

It is unlikely that British state will focus its immediate attention on the transport sector, the focus will be on ensuring trading barriers are kept at a very minimum. Britain traded with Europe long before the EU was spawned and will continue to trade with Europe going forward. It would therefore make sense to keep our drivers’ hours rules aligned with the European standard.

The Driver CPC qualification is required if:

You work for a transport company registered in an EU country, or

You are a citizen of an EU country and will be driving in the EU.

It is unlikely the qualification will be eliminated completely once Britain leaves the EU, however it would be expected for the qualification to undergo a minor reform.

CPC will not disappear any time, it remains to be an extremely valued and necessary qualification for success on the road.

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