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How can I pass my theory first time?

01/10/18 | Advice & Guidance, Drivers, Government

Passing your theory test the first time: Tips and Tactics

There are a lot of HGV drivers in the UK. Approximately 288,000 and about 60,000 foreign drivers who fill the gaps where the skills shortage exists. You might be fooled into thinking that it’s easy to become an LGV or HGV driver then, but you’d be wrong.

On top of having a great driving ability and excellent driving skills you’re going to have to prove yourself by passing practical tests, a theory test and a case study test too.

So it’s not so simple as turning up and showing how good you are at changing through your rig’s 10 gears.

Practical tips for passing first time

Not many people like to take tests and a lot of us get really nervous and anxious about it, which is normal. But there are ways to keep your nerves under control and ace the test:

  • Know what you’re letting yourself in for: There are different parts to the theory test such as an initial 100 multiple choice questions on safe HGV driving, a hazard perception test (dreaded by many people!). You can find full details on the tests here.
  • Practice, practice, practice: There are practice theory tests online, take them – again and again. Have your friends or partner ask you questions when you’ve got a spare five minutes and you’ll be reeling off answers in no time.
  • Hazard perception: It’s a stumbling block for many new drivers (both car and LGV/HGV). Not necessarily because the test is hard or catches you out. Sometimes it can be tough to pick the hazards that they are looking for. But practicing these tests online will help you find what they’re looking for.


Once you’ve passed your tests, take a look at our guide to taking the right first steps in the industry and having a long and happy career.




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