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As a Countingup Partner we are able to get you a business current account opened in just 5 minutes with no credit check required. In addition to that Countingup automates many bookkeeping tasks and gives you great visibility of how your business is doing.

Key Features

Free and fast. It takes 5 minutes to open and is free to use so nothing to lose from opening an account

Ditch your manual spreadsheet. Countingup replaces your bookkeeping spreadsheet. It auto categorises your bank transactions so you don’t have to do it manually

Avoid the confusion. With a dedicated business current account you can keep your business transactions tidily separate from your personal bank account

Contactless Mastercard

Mobile app


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Here at AMG Financial Solutions Ltd we can offer advice on all types of mortgages. Whether this is a residential mortgage for people moving home, a first time buyer mortgage, a buy to let mortgage or even more specialist loans such as for commercial property.

We offer advice on the most suitable type of mortgage for you and will make a recommendation not only on the best value for money but also the most suitable product tailored to your own requirements and individual circumstances. We offer a comprehensive range of mortgages from across the market and often have access to exclusive products which are not available direct.

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