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So what is drivers negligence insurance (DNI) and why do you need it?

14/08/18 | Advice & Guidance, DNI Cover, Drivers

Well DNI is insurance that is usually offered as an extension to an agency’s public liability insurance to cover any damage that their drivers cause to their client’s vehicles. Let’s say that your driver manages to tear a hole in the side of the trailer but causes no damage to other property – you can either claim through your HGV insurance or the DNI.

Doesn’t their normal legally required insurance cover this?

Well yes it does, but if you make a claim for this damage through your regular HGV insurance policy it will have an effect on your risk profile for years to come –increasing the cost of the policy. This will happen for each additional claim you make – the more claims you make, the riskier you seem in the eyes of the insurer.

It’s important to remember that DNI usually won’t cover third party injury or property damage so you’ll still need to have ‘regular’ HGV road insurance.

So if I need to have normal insurance why would I pay extra for DNI?  

Well don’t forget that if you make lots of claims for damage to your client’s vehicles your insurance premium will increase with each claim you make. If your insurance costs keep escalating it will be far more difficult to remain competitive on a wide range of placements especially in an industry like ours.

The good news is that Driver Unlimited are providing DNI cover to all of our clients. You can cover yourself for any of your driver’s mishaps and mistakes while saving a healthy sum on your DNI cover, being 100% compliant and having all your accountancy paperwork, self-assessment tax returns and RTI submissions done for you. Get in touch now by clicking here.


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