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Female HGV drivers- taking the wheel!

04/10/18 | Advice & Guidance, Drivers, Government

Female HGV Drivers Are Taking The Wheel

The huge demand for HGV drivers in the UK isn’t being met by the stereotypical HGV driver any more. Many drivers are coming from overseas to plug the gaps left by the UK driver shortage. But it doesn’t stop there, women are now making an impact in the industry. Taking to the roads and now make up 1% of HGV drivers. Though, that is only about 3000 drivers in total.

Years ago driving lorries required muscle, callused hands and a paunch, now it’s more about using your skills and brain to get the job done. Lorries are kitted out with all of the latest tech, smartphones mean you’re just a FaceTime away from home and you’ll probably have Netflix ready for your downtime too. Life on the road has never been so comfy!


Growing Pains

As with any change there are growing pains and the shift in demographics that make up our driving population creates its own demands.

Roadside facilities have typically been focused on males and may need a little bit of an overhaul, a change in perception amongst male drivers and perhaps the need for companies to provide more flexible working in order to meet the growing demands for drivers.


Getting onboard

Many companies and organisations are already well onboard with the idea of female HGV drivers making their mark in the industry: HerGV and M6Toll have already launched campaigns to increase awareness of the opportunities available to women in the transport industry. Their campaigns have awarded several cash prizes to help a select few ladies make their start in the transport industry.

With the shortage of HGV drivers in the UK growing and growing, the industry may well benefit from looking to other underrepresented groups to fill gaps. If you’re a woman and you’ve made the leap to become a driver, let us know! We’d love to hear your story.


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