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16/02/18 | Drivers, Government, Regulation

The rules will change from 5 March 2018 so lorry, bus and coach drivers who drive tired will be fined for every time they’ve done it in the last 28 days.

If you are the driver of a lorry, bus or coach, there are rules to adhere too on how many hours you are able to work and the amount of breaks you are required to take. If the rules are not followed The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) could fine drivers up to £300. It is also possible that drivers could be prosecuted or have their vehicle immobilised.

At this time the DVSA can only fine drivers for:

  • Offences committed that day
  • Ongoing offences, like manipulating tachograph records, which record drivers hours.


What is changing from the 5th March 2018?

From Monday 5 March 2018 drivers will be fined for older offences, DVSA traffic examiners will start issuing on-the-spot fines for any drivers’ hours offences committed in the last 28 days.

The DVSA will be issuing fines for up to 5 drivers’ hours offences. Meaning you could be fined up to £1500 in a single spot check.

If you do not live in Great Britain or the offence was committed elsewhere the rules will still apply. The difference for drivers living outside Great Britain is that they will be required to pay the fine immediately before continuing with their journey.

Fines will include drivers not resting properly. Lorry, bus and coach drivers are required to take a 45-minute rest at least every fortnight. Since the 1st November 2017 DVSA have been fining drivers up to £300 if they spend their full weekly rest break in their vehicle.


What are the consequences?

Stats show that around 40% of sleep related incidents involve a commercial vehicle, costing the economy an estimated £16.3 billion a year and adding pressure on the NHS and emergency services.

Between April 2015 – March 2016 6,300 drivers’ hours fines were given to lorry drivers by DVSA.

Let us know your thoughts and how this may impact you?


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