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Speeding Fine Changes

11/10/18 | Advice & Guidance, Drivers, Government

A Refresher: The Speeding Fine Changes From Last Year

Gone are the days when Mario Balotelli gets away with paying the same speeding fine as me or you. Last year the rules all changed and I’m sure that you remember (with sadness) the media hysteria that was everywhere in the weeks and months before.


What did they change?

Let’s take a look to see what they actually changed and how it effects each of us.

The government have done away with the flat rate fine that was far, far less punishing for some people than for others and have introduced a tiered system. This tiered system looks to make the punishment even, at least when it comes to money. Perhaps not in the same way as Norway – where they make community service part of the deal. Check out the breakdown below:


Band A:

If you’re caught speeding by 1 to 10mph over the speed limit, you will now face a fee of up to 50% of your gross weekly earnings.

Band B:

If you’re going 11 to 20mph over the limit, that fine increases to up to 125% of your gross weekly earnings.

Band C:

Now, if you’ve been this negligible and gone this fast (22mph or more over the limit) you’re in for a fine of up to 175% of your gross earnings. There’s a £2500 limit to this though.

All of these bands will have points attached too, 3 for lesser offences and 6 or more for more serious offences.


Can’t I just do a speed awareness course?

Well, you might be able to get away with attending a speed awareness course and honing your skills, but this is down to the discretion of the police force.

Now your knowledge of the speeding fine changes are all refreshed, why not gives us a call to see how you can refresh your businesses approach ready for next year.


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