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Turbo charging your limited company for £20 a week

15/08/18 | Advice & Guidance, Drivers, Pay

When you first start a limited company there is so much to do and so much to remember. You’ve got to register your company, have a registered office, put proper banking procedures in place, get a good accountant and abide by all the rules and regulations.

Oh and have you considered whether you need public liability insurance? What about DNI? What even is DNI? Don’t forget IR35 legislation that could be the difference between a healthy take home package or a penalty.


A minefield

Okay so it’s a confusing minefield of jargon to learn and rules to follow.

And that’s all before you can focus on delivering what’s promised to your clients and growing your business.

So what if I told you that there was a simple and proven way to turbocharge your company? Well you’d be interested in hearing more – obviously!

Our ‘Turbo’ package takes all of these worries away from you by giving you unlimited advice from an accountant, assistance with your business setup, annual accounts and invoicing.

What’s the catch?

Well we don’t think there is one. You pay us (a very reasonable) £20 a week and we provide you with all of the above and much much more.

Don’t forget that you’ll be getting unlimited access to an accountant who can guide you through the minefield, provide you financial advice (how much money you can withdraw at any time) and file your year end accounts for you.  For a full list of what we offer check out our ‘Turbo’ package.

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